Great Showdowns: The Return



By: Scott Campbell

Foreword by: Edgar Wright


Can you guess what this is?  That's right.  It is the second collection from the Great Showdowns series.  You definitely do not need the first volume to get into this second volume.  They are all just more stand alone moments from some of your favorite and least favorite films.  Everyone's tastes are different, so we really shouldn't judge each other.  Some people really love Teen Wolf, while others might rather watch some Pulp Fiction.  I will not judge them.  This book will go nicely right next to the first book, in the Family Room or even the Game Room because it does make a good game.  And if you can;t figure some of the showdowns out, just bring it over to your neighbor with a plate of cookies and finally break the ice with them! You might become great friends and have BBQs in your backyards.  They might even let you use their pool once in awhile.  Who knows!

“Since the beginning of time, there has been struggle. The epic clash of being against being. Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Triceratops. Giant Squid vs. the Sperm Whale. The Circle vs. the Square. 

This is a chronicling of some of the greatest confrontations in FILM HISTORY. These are the GREAT SHOWDOWNS.

Acclaimed artist Scott Campbell's hugely popular Great Showdowns series returns, following 2012's bestselling first volume.”


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Hardcover: 144 pages

Publisher: Titan Books (October 15, 2013)

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 7 x 0.7 inchesX

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