This a special release designed for folks that have missed out on one of our past print releases. If you already have the print in question, let’s give another fan a crack at it. After all, this is about the fans. Given the limited nature of this release, titles are limited to one per person per household. Orders in violation of this will be cancelled unless previously approved. 


Prints will be released in the shop hourly starting at 10:00 AM EST and running throughout the day until 4:00 PM EST, with some special releases mixed in at different times throughout the course of the day on The Scott C Shop’s Vault Page

These prints are extras that we order in case a parcel goes missing or gets damaged en route and needs to be replaced. They are very limited in number and often our store system can’t keep up with the pace of ordering and may oversell beyond what we have on hand. As a result all orders are subject to verification. Please note, just because you received an order confirmation it does not mean that we will be able to fulfill your order. All orders will be verified orders on Monday, December 18th and refunded as necessary. Sadly, there is little that we can do about this. It’s one of the few flaws of the shopping cart that we use.  

As with all limited releases, prints will be limited to one per person, per household. Lastly, this is probably a good time to brush up on our Limited Edition Release Guide and FAQ: