Ocean Life Collins Glass


Dolphins and sharks share stories on their days off with their fancy fruity beverages. Even ocean creatures love vacation.  Some ocean creatures are always on vacation. Little passing fish love to eavesdrop because the stories told amongst the dolphins and sharks are just unbelievable. Hard to imagine some of these stories actually happening. That is because they all love to enhance their stories with untrue details.  They like to outdo each other with adventures, but even knowing some of these stories are fiction does not deter any of the enjoyment of listening to them.  So pull up a seat of coral, pour yourself a cold tall drink and open those story listening ears. 

  • 13.5oz collins style glass.
  • 7" tall, 2.5" diameter at mouth.
  • Wrap-around artwork on all sides.
  • 3 color screen print with a durable finish!

Note: Dishwasher safe, but hand washing will help your glassware look better longer!

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