Hug-A-Book Mug


It’s time to get cozy and drink warm beverages! 

The Hug Machine is very good at hugging books.  One of the best at hugging books.  But I will bet that you also love hugging books! Let us show everyone how much we love hugging books by filling this little Hug-A-Book mug up with something warm and nice smelling and just spend the morning strolling around and hugging books.  You could even READ those books as you hug them and enjoy a warm beverage in this Hug-A-Book mug.

Inspired by Scott Campbell's award winning children's book Hug Machine.


  • Premium 11oz ceramic mug.
  • Red color rim, inside, and handle!
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Art on both sides for right or left handed sipping
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